Marc Chagall "L' Apparition au Cirque "

Artist                              Marc Chagall
Title                               "L' Apparition au Cirque"
Date                              1963
Medium                         original lithograph 
Edition                           from an edition of 40 reserved for the artist on Vélin d'Arches 
Signed                           hand signed and numbered 
Dimensions                   12 3/4 x 9 5/8"
Availability                     Available
Reference                      M. 392
Marc Chagall on "The Circus"
"For me, a circus is a magical spectacle, a passing and dissolving like a little world. There is a disquieting circus, a circus of hidden depths. These clowns, riders, acrobats are imprinted on my sight. Why? Why am I moved by their make-up and their grimaces? With them I travel on toward other horizons. Their colors and their painted masks draw me toward other, strange, psychic forms which I long to paint."

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