Palla Jeroff

Palla Jeroff studied Fine Art for seven years at the University of Xian. After his graduation, Palla engaged in artistic teaching and research for many years. He feels that artistic creation should be the distillation, the result of a colliding spirit and the physical world. He advocated artistic work, not to adhere to forms of impressions but the forms to yield to substance. The great diversity of Palla’s work is shown through his ability to use different mediums, such as watercolor, acrylic and oil painting.

“I’ve been searching for a pure art language for many years. In my pursuit I have experimented with quite different styles over the years. Finally, after 20 years I believe that I have found a solution. The painting is not what you paint but it is how you paint it. For the first time, I believe that this current body of work...has fulfilled my pursuit and given me artistic satisfaction.” - Palla Jeroff

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