Salvador Dali "Complete Set of 1984 Olympic Medallions"

Artist                                   Salvador Dali
Title                                    "Complete Set of 1984 Olympic Medallions"
Date                                   1984
Medium                              Set of 11 silver medallions
Dimensions                       1.8 inches diameter each
Availability                         Available
This complete set of 11 silver medallions was done by Salvador Dali for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. These medallions were made exclusively for Intercoin, West-Germany. Dali requested that Intercoin mint these medallions in precious metals of silver, gold, and platinum. Each coin represents a different game in the Olympics: discus, pole vaulting, cycling, soccer, diving, track and field, gymnastics, boxing, equestrian, skiing, and archery. The reverse side of each coin shows the official emblem of the United States Olympic Committee as the host of the games in 1984. The Olympic Committee of the United States of America authorized Dali and Intercoin with the rights to use the official logo for the entire edition of a series of 11 sports medals. Each coin is embossed with Dali's hand signature. Each medallion comes encased in its own clear, lucite frames and the entire set is displayed inside of a custom made box with a booklet describing the set and each coin. Each coin measure 1.8 inches in diameter and the box measures 12 x 16 inches.

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