Marc Chagall "Four Tales of the Arabian Nights Planche 2"

"They were in forty pairs, thus numbering fourscore, and in their midst a young lady, riding on a horse, her face unveiled..."
Artist                              Marc Chagall
Title                               " Planche 2"
Date                              1948
Medium                         original color lithograph 
Edition                           from an edition of 90 on wove
Signed                           hand signed and numbered
Dimensions                   14 9/16 x 11 1/4"
Availability                     Available
Reference                      M.37

Arabian Nights

 These lithographs won the Graphic Prize at the Venice Biennial in 1948.  To date, they are considered to be some of the very best examples of lithographic work done produced prior to 1950.  They also represent Chagall’s first foray into color lithography. Prior to this work, all of Chagall’s lithographs (35 in total) were in black-and-white.  The predominant theme in the illustrations is that of separation or loss of love, reunion and the meaning of death.  Chagall suffered the loss of his own wife, Bella, prior to producing these prints.  The stories he chose have themes of loss and reunion running through them.

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