It goes beyond simply selling art. We are committed to holding the highest professional standards with each business interaction undertaken.

For forty years, we’ve been a resource for exceptional artwork to galleries internationally and to collectors directly providing guidance and building relationships that last. As you review the various collections available within this website, we’d also encourage you to learn more about some of our other services featured below that are available to individuals, corporations, and galleries worldwide.

Our own collection is extensive, as a result, the artworks seen online are just a small example of a much more extensive portfolio. Moreover, we are always obtaining new acquisitions.

If you don't see a particular artist's work on our website, let us assist you. Don't hesitate to contact us with any and all questions. We have access to galleries and dealers worldwide and we are ready to assist you in finding the art you are looking for.
We would be pleased to discuss the price and/or option of obtaining any works within our collection. The more detail you can provide on the desired work (theme, size, price range) the better. To discuss, please call 310-246-9333 or send email to

Based on the nature of our collections, the role of an evolving collection that involves garnering new work and a commitment to your satisfaction with any purchase, we employ an Open Exchange policy and a variety of flexible options to make purchasing artwork with us a comfortable environment.

Through our Open Exchange Policy, if you purchase a piece and it no longer fits in your collection, you may exchange it for any other work in our collection of equal or greater value. Through our Open Exchange Policy, you’ll receive full credit for the purchase price paid, whenever or for whatever reason you want to trade as long as the art is returned in the same condition. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding trade and exchange, contact us directly via email at or by phone at 310-246-9333.

One of the cornerstones of our unmatched reputation is a commitment to authenticity and the guarantee that what you are buying is 100% accurate. At Andrew Weiss Gallery this is no small task, as we provide authenticity documentation for all the work we sell.

Our authenticity process begins with the Andrew Weiss team that has more than four decades of experience being discerning through research to provide an authenticity study. A Certificate of Authenticity is issued for each work of art, with references and provenance as applicable. 

The Andrew Weiss Gallery is a founding member of the IFAA, International Fine Art Appraisers.

Professional documentation of an artwork’s value is extremely important. It’s also something that we’re proud to offer individuals, businesses and other galleries. Andrew Weiss Gallery is a trusted resource for art appraisal services, as we understand that market value is not always equal to replacement value.

Professional document varies for an art appraisal and our team is ready to assist, preparing documentation for:

Estate and Asset Planning
Charitable Donations
Damage and Insurance Purposes
Purchase or Sale Assistance
Tax and Capital Gains Taxes
Bankruptcy, Divorce, or Asset Protection
To learn more, we encourage you to call us at (310)246-9333 or email us at

Beyond the sale of an individual piece, Andrew Weiss Gallery is interested in being your art advisors for life providing assistance as you create and grow your art collection. Our team is ready to assist you each step of the way from purchase and selling to understanding the fair price for works you’re interest in acquiring. We provide an ever growing clientele with:

Art Value (Fair Market/Fair Market Net)
Selling Assistance
Restoration Advice
Equitable distribution
Replacement value
Insurance Preparation
Catalogue Assistance

We are buyers of artwork as well as sellers. If you have an art piece you wish to sell that relates to our specialized collections, please contact us.

We will require the following information:

Photographs of the artwork, jpg format, 500 KB file size or smaller
The asking price
All relevant and pertinent facts on the piece, including condition
Any documentation and provenance if applicable