April 06, 2018

C.S. Bull - Greta Garbo

C.S. Bull and Greta Garbo

Andrew Weiss Gallery is pleased to present the Greta Garbo collection by photographer Clarence Sinclair Bull. Bull was born in Michigan and moved to Hollywood when he was hired by Sam Goldwyn in 1920 to photograph publicity stills of the movie stars. Bull later became the head of the stills department for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer when the studio was founded in 1924. During this time, he photographed the most celebrated Hollywood film stars, but he especially known for his shots of actress Greta Garbo, whom he exclusively photographed from 1926 to 1941.
The selection of Garbo images by Bull available at Andrew Weiss Gallery are from the John Kobal Collection. John Kobal was a film historian and collector of old Hollywood film photography who is credited with rediscovering Hollywood film photographers like Clarance Sinclair Bull. Kobal's mission in the 1970s and 80s was to reunite photographers with their original negatives to produce new prints for exhibitions and museums. This collection of photographs of Greta Garbo by Clarence Sinclair Bull were distributed by Edward Weston Editions in California. 
If you would like more information about these pieces please contact us atinfo@andrewweiss.com or 310.246.9333.

Mata Hari

This image, shot by Clarence Sinclair Bull in 1931 and printed later for the John Kobal Collection, was taken to promote Garbo's 1931 film, "Mata Hari".  
On the beginning of their artistic relationship, Bull recalls "that first morning the great Garbo walked into my portrait gallery looking like a frightened  schoolgirl" as she had only worked with one photographer in the 3 years previous. 

Although, as Bull notes, "what she didn't know was that I was just as scared. For three hours I photographed her in every pose and emotion that beautiful face could mirror. At the end of the sitting, which has been without a single break, she said 'I'll do better next time, Mr. Bull. I was quite nervous' I patted her hand and replied, 'So will I"'. 

Susan Lenox

This photograph was taken by Bull to promote Garbo's 1931 film, "Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise)".


 Clarence Sinclair Bull took this image of Garbo in 1929 to promote her 1931 film, "Inspiration".
In Bull's own words, Garbo was his "best subject...having no bad side and no bad angles.  Her rapport with the camera was such that she seems to feel the emotion for each pose as part of her personality."

The Kiss

This photograph was taken by Bull to promote Garbo's 1929 film, "The Kiss". Bull recognized the importance of Garbo's unique eyes and long lashes to her appeal and thus concentrating his lighting to portray only a close up of her face floating on a darkened background, further framed above by the curbed edge of her beret. The images of Garbo in the beret are so strong that they were used for the film poster. 
All of the works listed above, including this one, are blind embossed with the Clarence Sinclair Bull seal and a stamp signature. They are numbered from the edition of 99, plus 5 proofs. 
February 01, 2018

Laszlo Willinger

Laszlo Willinger: Vintage Hollywood Photography

Laszlo Willinger was a German-Jewish photographer, who became famous for his portraits of famous film stars and other well known figures.  Willinger established his studio in Hollywood, California in 1937 and began photographing various film stars. At this time, Willinger successfully landed a career with MGM studios as photographer Ted Allan's successor.  He also began contributing portraits of celebrities to magazines and periodicals.
Willinger's brought a new and fresh look to MGM and Hollywood photography. His use of light and angle give his photographs a crisp luminescence that was very sophisticated for the time. In 1986 Willinger wrote, "I tried to make a photograph as dramatic as possible by lighting dramatically."
Jack Buetel

This piece is an original vintage photograph by Laszlo Willinger taken circa 1943. It depicts American film and television actor, Jack Buetel. Buetel had his breakout role in a Howard Hughes production, "The Outlaw", released in 1943.  He was also known for his role in the western television series, "Judge Roy Bean".
This piece is hand signed by the photographer. The image measures 13 x 10 inches and the framed dimensions are 21.75 x 28 inches.

Price: $2,000
Sonja Henie

This piece is an original vintage photograph from the original negative, shot by Laszlo Willinger in 1943. It depicts Norwegian figure skater and film star, Sonja Henie. Henie won more Olympic and World titles than any other ladies' figure skater. At the height of her acting career, she was one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood. 
This photograph is hand signed by the photographer and measures 8 x 10 inches. The framed dimensions are 14.75 x 16.75 inches.
Price: $1,950
Sigmund Freud
This piece is an original modern photograph from the original negative, shot by Laszlo Willinger in 1930 and printed at later date. It depicts Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. 
This photograph is hand signed and measures 13 x 10 inches. The framed dimensions are 21.5 x 18.5 inches.
Price: $3,000
Joan Crawford
This piece is an original vintage photograph from the original negative taken by Laszlo Willinger in 1937. This photograph depicts American film and television actress, Joan Crawford. Crawford was ranked tenth on the list of greatest female stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema by the American Film Institute. She was featured in over 90 movies and television shows throughout her illustrious career. 

This piece is hand signed and framed. The sheet measures 8.5 x 9 inches and the frame measures 16.5 x 17 inches.
Price: $1,975
January 22, 2018

George Barris: The Last Photos

George Barris: The Last Photos

This year, we would like to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite collections: The Last Photos by George Barris. These raw and captivating photographs give us insight into the last days of Marilyn Monroe's life and legacy.  
Taken just two weeks before her death, these photographs of Marilyn Monroe show us the true essence of who she was and what lies beneath the glitz and the glamour.
Price: $1,750
Marilyn was aware of the negative press surrounding her after being dismissed from the set of Something's Gotta Give, and she wanted to tell her side of the story and dispel any negative rumors about her mental stability.  Her opportunity came when Cosmopolitan Magazinecommissioned photographer George Barris to create a photographic essay. Barris approached Marilyn Monroe about collaborating for a book project that would involve a series of photographs and press interviews.  She was excited about the idea of being able to be heard through interviews, but she was even more delighted with the idea of being photographed. 
Price: $1,750

At this point, Barris had already shot well-known celebrities such as John Wayne, Sophia Loren, and Marlon Brando so he understood artistic temperament.  First, Barris found a location, the North Hollywood home of his close friend, that had perfect lighting and clean white walls. Marilyn had asked that Barris buy outfits for the sessions, so he shopped at her favorite stores, Saks Fifth Avenue and Jaks in Beverly Hills.  He found Emilio Pucci sport shirts, a bulky sweater, a terry-cloth three-quarter hooded beach jacket, and even a beach towel.
Price: $1,750

The first session and interview went well so they continued onto the next session on Santa Monica Beach at sunset. Barris said of this shoot: "Marilyn was willing to show her public the real Marilyn Monroe, the real Norma Jeane. She would hide nothing in our photos. No magic, no makeup or retouching of our finished photographs."
Price: $1,750

The sessions were conducted in late June and early July.  They yielded wonderful images and the interviews recorded a frank new Marilyn.  
"She was wonderful to work with the entire time," said Barris. "She never looked more beautiful, nor was she ever so talkative. Our book project was more important than ever to her after all the lies the Fox studio had handed out to press."
As it turned out, Marilyn was all too human and all too mortal. Before the photographs or interviews could reach the public, Marilyn Monroe was gone.  She died August 5, 1962.
Price: $1,750

These photographs are available in multiple sizes. Each photograph is hand signed by George Barris and bears the Edward Weston Collection copyright stamp.  
For more information on this series and pricing please contact us at info@andrewweiss.com or give us a call at 310.246.9333.
December 13, 2017

Marc Chagall: 20th Century Modern Master

Marc Chagall was a Russian-French artist who excelled in many mediums such as painting, book illustrations, stained glass, stage sets, ceramics, tapestries, and fine art graphic works.
Marc Chagall saw his work as "not the dream of one people but of all humanity". Chagall has produced stained glass windows for cathedrals of Reims and Metz, windows for the United Nations, as well as the Jerusalem Windows in Israel. 
 Chagall synthesized the art forms of Cubism, Symbolism, and Fauvism (which led to the rise of Surrealism) but it is his use of color that makes Chagall's work so special.  Pablo Picasso had said in the 1950's, "When Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what colour really is."
For further information and pricing for these pieces please email info@andrewweiss.com or call us at 310.246.9333.  To view more artwork please visit our website at  

This piece is an original lithograph by Marc Chagall, done in 1967. It was created as a part of a series of illustrations for the book "In the Land of the Gods", which consists of 12 original lithographs and was printed in 120 copies. 
 The corresponding text for this piece from "In the Land of the Gods" reads: "For a woman, what remains? What has she received? Beauty. Therein lies her faithful armoury of darts and shield. Devouring flame and warrior's fire, all must yield to her...She is beautiful." -Anacreon 
This piece is hand signed and numbered from the edition of 25 artist proofs on Velin d'Arches. The sheet measures 25.6 x 20 inches and the framed dimensions are 33 x 27.5 inches. This piece is referenced as number 536 in "Chagall Lithographe, Vol. III" by Fernand Mourlot and Charles Sorlier.
Click here to view this piece on our website.

This piece is an original color etching and aquatint by Marc Chagall. It is from the series of 26 pieces entitled "Celui Qui Dit les Choses sans Rien Dire", which was created in 1975-76. 
This piece is hand signed and numbered 9/25 from the edition of 25 on Japon Imperial aside the edition of 25 on Rives wove paper. There is also 180 copies numbered 26 to 205, and 20 hors commerce copies. The dimensions of the image are 15.5 x 11.6 inches on 19 x 14.5 inch paper. This piece is unframed. The piece is referenced as number 99 in "Marc Chagall: The Illustrated Books" by Patrick Cramer.
Click here to view this piece on our website.

This piece is an original lithograph by Marc Chagall, created in 1967. It was published in "La revue du XXe siecle" and is hand signed and numbered from the edition of 75 on Velin d'Arches paper. The dimensions of this image are 13 x 10 inches on 21.7 x 14.2 inch paper. This piece is unframed. This piece is referenced as number 488 in "Chagall Lithographie, Vol. III" by Fernand Mourlot.
Click here to view this piece on our website.

This piece is an original color lithograph by Marc Chagall, done in 1980. It was created as one of fourteen lithographs from the collection "The Fourteen Large Lithographs of 1980", which was a series inspired by his editor's, Aime Maeght, request to realize a few large scale lithographs. Chagall became so absorbed in the project that he went above and beyond Maeght's request and completed 14 plates in the largest sheet size that could possibly fit on the presses. When they were completed, Aime Maeght presented them in an exhibited and took Chagall, who was very ill at the time, to see them on his walls. The lithographs in this collection were the last works edited by Marc Chagall
 This piece is hand signed and numbered from the edition of 50 on Arches wove paper. The image measures 38 x 24 inches and the sheet measures 47 x 31 inches. This piece is referenced as number 976 in "Chagall Lithographie, Vol. VI" by Mourlot and Charles Sorlier.
November 30, 2017

Marc Chagall: The Bible Series

Marc Chagall: The Bible Series

In 1930, Marc Chagall was commissioned by notable art dealer and publisher, Ambroise Vollard, to complete an illustrated series of the Bible.  Vollard believed the Bible was the most important piece of literature of all time and the cornerstone of Western tradition.  The Bible was the central subject matter in Early Christian art, Renaissance art, and the Baroque period.  

Before beginning this expansive suite of 105 etchings, Marc Chagall traveled to Palestine, Syria, and Egypt. The imagery of these pieces comes from direct experience with the land and people of the Bible.  

The intense and detailed imagery in the Bible series is a product of Chagall's immense skill and concentration. He worked for a long time on each copper plate, sometimes making as many as twelve states and from four to fourteen trial proofs before Chagall felt that the piece was complete.  It was in 1956 that the entire suite of etchings was finally completed.  Chagall's Bible series became known as the first major illustrated edition of the Old Testament in modern times.

This suite of original hand colored etchings was printed in an edition of 100, plus proofs. Each piece is hand initialed and numbered by the artist. 
Marc Chagall
Plate 53 (The Sacrifice of Manoach) from The Bible Series
Original hand colored etching

Marc Chagall
Plate 46 (Joshua Before Jericho) from The Bible Series
Original hand colored etching

Marc Chagall
Plate 59 (Samuel Called by God) from The Bible Series
Original hand colored etching

Recent Acquisitions - Joan Miro

Recent Acquisitions

Andrew Weiss Gallery is pleased to present newly acquired original lithographs by 20th century Modern Master, Joan Miro.  These pieces were created as a part of the series entitled, Bouquet de Reves Pour Neila, done in 1967, by Yvan Goll, which was created in 1967 and comprised of 18 original lithographs. The following pieces are in excellent condition and have never been framed.

Joan Miro - Frontispiece from Bouquet de Reves Pour Neila

This original lithograph by Joan Miro serves as the frontispiece for Bouquet de Reves Pour Neila. It is hand signed and marked E.A., an artist proof aside the edition of 25 on Auvergene paper, plus a suite on Japon nacre paper, signed and numbered.  There is also an edition of 125 copies on Rives vellum, signed and numbered. This piece measures 13 x 9.875 inches and is referenced as number 532 in
Joan Miro Lithographs, Vol. III by Maeght Editeur. 
Price: $3,750

Joan Miro - Plate 3 from Bouquet de Reves Pour Neila

This original lithograph by Joan Miro is plate 3 from Bouquet de Reves Pour Neila. It is hand signed and marked E.A., an artist proof aside the edition of 25 on Auvergene paper, plus a suite on Japon nacre paper, signed and numbered.  There is also an edition of 125 copies on Rives vellum, signed and numbered. This piece measures 13 x 9.875 inches and is referenced as number 534 in
Joan Miro Lithographs, Vol. III by Maeght Editeur. 

Joan Miro - Plate 17 from Bouquet de Reves Pour Neila

This original lithograph by Joan Miro is plate 17 from Bouquet de Reves Pour Neila. It is hand signed and marked E.A., an artist proof aside the edition of 25 on Auvergene paper, plus a suite on Japon nacre paper, signed and numbered.  There is also an edition of 125 copies on Rives vellum, signed and numbered. This piece measures 19 3/4 x 13 inches and is referenced as number 548 in Joan Miro Lithographs, Vol. III by Maeght Editeur. 

Holiday Gift Guide!


Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and
prosperity in the New Year from all of us here at:

Let us help you find the perfect gift this holiday season!
We have compiled the perfect list for all of our art lovers out there looking to add to their collection this year. But you need to move fast, as our shipping deadline for 2016 is DECEMBER 16th!

We are known for our extensive collection of 20th century modern masters. However, did you know we also have a massive array of other works which include posters, photographs,and ceramics! Take a look below at our fun and easy guide to artistic gift-giving this holiday season.

Gifts for under $200:

"Marilyn: 17 Years in the Making" Catalog*
An exhibition of photographs from 1945-1962 curated by Andrew Weiss. This wonderful catalog contains photographs by seven photographers who knew her from her first paid modeling job in 1945 (William Carroll) to the last photos taken 2 weeks before her tragic death in 1962 (George Barris). Photographers William Carroll, Andres de Dienes, Lazlo Willinger, Milton Greene, Bert Stern and George Barris and a Pan AM Steward Kashio Aoki, who was in the right place at the right time, have their stories shared alongside beautiful photographs making this a collectible book for any Marilyn Monroe fan.
*Also available: Deluxe Marilyn Catalogs that include a limited edition print of the cover piece for $450 with a 20% discount if ordered by December 23, 2016!

"The Drawn Blank Series" Bob Dylan Book
A hard cover book containing images of the original drawings and paintings by the beloved and talented musician, Bob Dylan. This book exhibits the beautiful pieces from Dylan's "Drawn Blank Series", done in 2014. This book is a must-have for anyone who considers themselves an avid Bob Dylan fan.


We have a wide range of posters here at Andrew Weiss Gallery. These works are great for anyone looking to start their art collection but don't necessarily have it in their budget to splurge on an original photograph or hand signed lithograph.  Many of our posters are images of iconic photographs by photographers like Bert Stern (top left) and Laszlo Willinger (top right).  And that's just to name a couple. Give us a call to learn more about our extensive poster collection and make someone very happy this holiday season.

Gifts for under $1000:

Hand Signed Photo-lithographs
Not only we do have insanely affordable posters, but we also have HAND SIGNED photo-lithographs that will definitely not break your bank. These pieces are hand signed and numbered by your favorite photographers which include, but are not limited to, George Barris (top left) and Ted Allan (top right).  No home is complete without an iconic image of our beloved Marilyn Monroe!

David Bromley "A Tribute to Marilyn" Prints
Speaking of Marilyn, we also have these breathtaking mixed media giclees by Australian artist David Bromley.  These prints were created by Bromley as a tribute to Marilyn on her 90th birthday this past June. These works are a mix of Bromley's artistic talent and the original photographs taken of Marilyn Monroe. The process of making these intricate prints is through a series of media including painting, collage, and computer editing.  Bromley liked the idea of mixing old school medium like paint with a more contemporary medium like technology.

Gifts for under $5000

Hand signed original photographs
Not only do we have the largest archive in the world of original Marilyn Monroe photography, but we also have an extensive collection of hand signed original photographs portraying many other iconic figures, as well. We posses hand signed photographs portraying old Hollywood figures such as Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Jean Harlow (top left) and, of course, Marilyn Monroe (top right). These pieces range from anywhere between $975 and $5,500.

Marc Chagall lithographs and etchings

One of the most prominent of our 20th century modern masters is Russian-French artist, Marc Chagall. Chagall is known for his Biblical imagery and flowing figures.  We posses unsigned Chagall lithographs and etchings for under $5,000, which would be the perfect gift for that art lover in your family, or the perfect gift to yourself!

Salvador Dali "Le Bestiaire de la Fontaine" Series
This series, by Salvador Dali, illustrates the political fables of La Fontaine.  Dali's wit and humor are very present in these original engravings. Each engraving is hand signed and numbered. 

If you have any further questions on these pieces please give us a call at 310.246.9333 or email us at info@andrewweiss.com
Happy Holidays! And don't forget to stop by www.andrewweiss.com for even more great finds.

Salvador Dali Sculpture Exhibition in Beverly Hills

Salvador Dali Sculpture Exhibition on Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

June 23, 2016 - September 26, 2016

Andrew Weiss Gallery is pleased to announce, in collaboration with Galerie Michael, Two Rodeo Drive, and the Stratton Institute, the first and largest outdoor showcase of the Salvador Dali Sculpture Collection in the United States.  These monumental and museum sized sculptures will be on display from June 23, 2016 through September 26, 2016.

Twelve iconic Salvador Dali sculptures will be on display and free to the public along Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.  The sculptures were loaned from the Stratton Institute, whom possess the largest collection of monumental Salvador Dali Sculptures in the world.  The museum sized sculptures range from about four to nine feet, while the monumental sized sculptures are up to 12 feet tall. 

These sculptures offer viewers a once in a lifetime opportunity to see artwork that epitomizes Salvador Dali in an open and outdoor setting. Surreal, quirky, and exceedingly imaginative: these exquisite sculptures embody everything that we know about Salvador Dali.  Salvador Dali incorporated some of his best known imagery within his sculptures including the elephant and the melting clock. Now these iconic sculptures are on view for the public to see.  

This exhibition will be supporting the international children's medical charity, Operation Smile. A percentage of all sales will be donated to Operation Smile and donations are greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Andrew Weiss, owner of Andrew Weiss Gallery, has a long standing relationship with the Stratton Institute, as well as a 30 year long personal and professional relationship with Michael Schwartz of Galerie Michael. Without our collective collaboration this exhibition would not have been possible.


Monumental Sculptures:

  • Persistence of Memory: Dalinian time is not rigid, but rather fluid. The unexpected softness of the watch represents the psychological fact that speed of time, while precise in scientific use, is widely variable in human perception.
  • Woman Aflame: ‘A woman’s mystery is her true beauty,’ as idealised with Dali’s use of the flames and drawers that convey the hidden intensity of unconscious desire and the mystery of hidden secrets.
  • The Unicorn: The mythical creature, a symbol of purity. The sensual nature of the piece is created with the portrayal the unicorn as a phallic figure with the out-stretched woman at its hooves.
  • Saint George and the Dragon: Saint George, guardian angel of Aragon and celebrated saint of chivalry in medieval Europe, battles against heresy and evil.

Museum Sculptures:

  • Triumphant Elephant: Exemplifies every individual’s hope for abundance and good fortune in the future.
  • Surrealist Warrior: Roman warrior representing all victories - real and ethereal, spiritual and physical.
  • Horse Saddled with Time: ‘Man believes he is in control of the voyage, but it is time who is the ultimate rider.’ This famous Dalinian image of the horse saddled with Dalinian time, time that controls all of man’s passage.
  • Triumphant Angel: The beautiful Dalian angel trumpets his divine music, wings spread, head thrown back, sending his jubilant message to all who will listen.
  • Surrealist Piano: Dali animates the instrument into an animated and joyous musical piano that can dance with its legs from a woman as well as play.
  • Snail and the Angel: A place in the Dalinian universe, intimately connected with the artist’s encounter with Sigmund Freud, who Dali regarded as his spiritual father.
  • Dance of Time II: The fluidity and space of time is represented through constant movement and dancing in sync to the beat of the universe.
  • Dance of Time I: Dalinian time is perpetual, “dancing on”, stopping for no man, history or the cosmos. The sculpture exemplifies Dali’s relationship with time, his perception of its constricting limitations and the importance he believed to be inherent in memory.


UPCOMING EXHIBITION: L.A. Women by David Bromley


L.A. Women by David Bromley

Saturday, June 25th, 2016 6:00 - 9:00 PM


David Bromley, Lauren Johnson

Andrew Weiss Gallery is honored to present, in its Los Angeles premier, a collection of paintings capturing free spirited, alluring, LA women on canvas.  This collection features prominent and upcoming models within Los Angeles.  Each model displays their own beauty, style, and grace within each canvas, which is so eloquently captured by Australian artist David Bromley.

This newly curated collection features David Bromley’s talent of illuminating the personalities of these women on canvas, each with their own unique qualities. This collection presents alongside, and is a companion to "Marilyn at 90: A Tribute to David Bromley", a retrospective exhibition featuring Marilyn Monroe through the lens and with the brush.

David Bromley, Mallory Jansen

"L.A. Women" and "Marilyn at 90: A Tribute to David Bromley" will begin with our opening reception on June 25, 2016 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. and will run through September 1, 2016.


Interview with David Bromley on his inspiration for "L.A. Women":


UPCOMING EXHIBITION: Marilyn at 90: A Tribute by David Bromley

A Retrospective Exhibition: Marilyn Monroe through the Lens and with the Brush

Andrew Weiss Gallery is honored to present the works of David Bromley at our opening reception on
June 25, 2016 from 6:00 - 9:00 PM.  

David Bromley, Marilyn Tribute V, 2016

We hope you will join us at the opening of this photographic retrospective in commemoration of Marilyn Monroe's 90th Birthday anniversary.  This newly curated collection features Australian artist David Bromley's canvases in tribute to Marilyn as well as some of the world's most famous photographic works of the Icon. 
This exhibition presents works by noted Australian artist David Bromley and the worlds most celebrated Marilyn Monroe photographers: Andre de Dienes, Milton H. Greene, William Carroll, Kashio Aoki, Bert Stern, George Barris, and Laszlo Willinger

Milton H. Greene, 06 from The Pekingese Dog Sitting, 1955

David Bromley emerged as a painter in the mid-1980's.  In the early stages of his career, he held solo exhibitions in Sydney and Adelaide and represented works in state and regional galleries.  He has emerged as one of the most innovative and recognizable artist in Australia.  
In his practice, Bromley has developed themes for distinct and unique styles of painting; the female portrait, the children's series and the butterflies and birds series.  
Bromley's work is daringly colored and executed with a graphic intention, reminiscent of Warhol's Pop Art from the 1960's.  He credits Warhol as an early influence demonstrated in his reductive colors, graphic style and the simplified forms of his nudes.

David Bromley, Marilyn Tribute I, 2016

David Bromley's talent is now being merged with the iconic beauty of the one and only Marilyn Monroe.  David Bromley's magic comes to life in these magnificent Marilyn Monroe paintings that will be on display in Andrew Weiss Gallery.  

Milton H. Greene, Marilyn with Lute, 1953

"Andy Warhol immortalized her and even though her time on this earth had passed, she lives on forever a face, physicality, and a charisma. Her potency continues to seduce us as she seems both so beautiful and powerful. Equally, she seemed at times sad in her eyes and frail. With our opportunity to paint her and work with her images, we feel as if we have an opportunity to engage with her for longer. At times these works follow in the footsteps of people like Warhol, who, like me, seeks to heighten a story already told through respect and flamboyance, to paint her and further immortalize her."

-David Bromley

Interviews with David Bromley on his inspiration for our upcoming show: