Now on View: Picasso Ceramics

Andrew Weiss Gallery is now showing a collection of ceramics by Pablo Picasso. Picasso, an undisputed Master of 20th Century Art, is best known for his large scale paintings and impressive body of graphic work.  What is lesser known about Picasso is his collaboration with Madoura Pottery, run by the Ramie family in Vallauris, that spanned over 25 years.

This rare collection gives viewers a taste of Picasso's diverse and fluent artistic skills with any medium.  Picasso's imagination, wit, and humor become apparent in this collection of pottery.  

Picasso became very interested in manipulating the shape of a ceramic to encompass his subject matter and design.  A vase became the female form and a round plate was transformed into a human face in Picasso's hands. Most of the ceramics are made of earthenware clay which means that they were fired at the lowest level causing the clay to be coarser and softer that other ceramics.  This type of clay can be made impervious to liquids by the use of glaze. 

These works are now on view at our Bergamot station gallery. Please email or call 310-246-9333 for further information about this collection.