Salvador Dali Sculpture Exhibition in Beverly Hills

Salvador Dali Sculpture Exhibition on Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

June 23, 2016 - September 26, 2016

Andrew Weiss Gallery is pleased to announce, in collaboration with Galerie Michael, Two Rodeo Drive, and the Stratton Institute, the first and largest outdoor showcase of the Salvador Dali Sculpture Collection in the United States.  These monumental and museum sized sculptures will be on display from June 23, 2016 through September 26, 2016.

Twelve iconic Salvador Dali sculptures will be on display and free to the public along Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.  The sculptures were loaned from the Stratton Institute, whom possess the largest collection of monumental Salvador Dali Sculptures in the world.  The museum sized sculptures range from about four to nine feet, while the monumental sized sculptures are up to 12 feet tall. 

These sculptures offer viewers a once in a lifetime opportunity to see artwork that epitomizes Salvador Dali in an open and outdoor setting. Surreal, quirky, and exceedingly imaginative: these exquisite sculptures embody everything that we know about Salvador Dali.  Salvador Dali incorporated some of his best known imagery within his sculptures including the elephant and the melting clock. Now these iconic sculptures are on view for the public to see.  

This exhibition will be supporting the international children's medical charity, Operation Smile. A percentage of all sales will be donated to Operation Smile and donations are greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Andrew Weiss, owner of Andrew Weiss Gallery, has a long standing relationship with the Stratton Institute, as well as a 30 year long personal and professional relationship with Michael Schwartz of Galerie Michael. Without our collective collaboration this exhibition would not have been possible.


Monumental Sculptures:

  • Persistence of Memory: Dalinian time is not rigid, but rather fluid. The unexpected softness of the watch represents the psychological fact that speed of time, while precise in scientific use, is widely variable in human perception.
  • Woman Aflame: ‘A woman’s mystery is her true beauty,’ as idealised with Dali’s use of the flames and drawers that convey the hidden intensity of unconscious desire and the mystery of hidden secrets.
  • The Unicorn: The mythical creature, a symbol of purity. The sensual nature of the piece is created with the portrayal the unicorn as a phallic figure with the out-stretched woman at its hooves.
  • Saint George and the Dragon: Saint George, guardian angel of Aragon and celebrated saint of chivalry in medieval Europe, battles against heresy and evil.

Museum Sculptures:

  • Triumphant Elephant: Exemplifies every individual’s hope for abundance and good fortune in the future.
  • Surrealist Warrior: Roman warrior representing all victories - real and ethereal, spiritual and physical.
  • Horse Saddled with Time: ‘Man believes he is in control of the voyage, but it is time who is the ultimate rider.’ This famous Dalinian image of the horse saddled with Dalinian time, time that controls all of man’s passage.
  • Triumphant Angel: The beautiful Dalian angel trumpets his divine music, wings spread, head thrown back, sending his jubilant message to all who will listen.
  • Surrealist Piano: Dali animates the instrument into an animated and joyous musical piano that can dance with its legs from a woman as well as play.
  • Snail and the Angel: A place in the Dalinian universe, intimately connected with the artist’s encounter with Sigmund Freud, who Dali regarded as his spiritual father.
  • Dance of Time II: The fluidity and space of time is represented through constant movement and dancing in sync to the beat of the universe.
  • Dance of Time I: Dalinian time is perpetual, “dancing on”, stopping for no man, history or the cosmos. The sculpture exemplifies Dali’s relationship with time, his perception of its constricting limitations and the importance he believed to be inherent in memory.